Come and meet our family, our values, our way of cultivating passions through wine.

our collection of wine

Pampered by the sun and mild temperatures in southern Italy, using only grapes from our vineyards cultivated with the greatest respect towards nature and towards the respect of human work, we comunicated with every glass of our wines legality and originality of SICILY.

our white Blend              Catarratto - Chardonnay

We combine the Sicilian autochthonous cultivated in the high hills to give fruit and freshness to wine, and the International cultivated low quota to maintain high acidity and balance. Simple.

Genius Loci: the unique vineyard Nero d'Avola

Unique plot of vineyard guarded by an old Pero, a majestic Red Mulberry, a Pomegranate and impressive Almonds. Different from all others. Unique in every single bottle. Limited.

who we are - the family

Leonarda Tardi born from the love of the Mazzara Family in cultivating their vineyards since the beginning of the last century. Today the company is managed by the brothers Calogero and Eliana Mazzara.

We are the typical Sicilian family, whose first name is handed down from grandfather to granddaughter. From generation to generation.


Leonarda Tardi is the name of our mother. A woman with a dedication to the family and to the unique and extraordinary traditions.

It is thanks to she and our father, if today we are proud to call our work, our sacrifices and our hopes Wine.


Our Vineyards are located precisely in the Central West area within the territory of Salaparuta (Trapani) in two estates.

Our first estate has a maximun altitude of 260m s.l.m. and a gradient of 5%, and we grow Chardonnay and Nero d'Avola.

The second estate has a maximum altitude of 630m s.l.m. and a gradient of 7%, and we cultivate Catarratto, a grape native of Salaparuta area.


We are an active part of the Critical Consumption - NOMAFIE circuit.


We think that for an economy of legality and development, critical consumption is a choice of individual and collective commitment in the context in which we live.


special edition

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